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Election 2010!

Nov. 2nd, 2010 | 10:16 am
I am currently at: Inside of a Ballot Box

So another big election is here (finally, no more political ads after today!) and here's how this foxie voted, with a brief explanation of why:

Massachusetts Governor's Race: Republican Charlie Baker

Why: I thought about this for a while. Patrick did an okay job in the Governor's office, and while I might normally consider re-electing him, the killer for me was the sales tax increase that he basically put his rubber stamp on. And Independent Cahill is a joke.

Question One: Repeal the Alcohol Tax? I voted NO to Question One

Why: Anybody who *REALLY* knows me knows that I am very anti-alcohol. I would only support this question if they were willing to slap drunken idiots with hefty fines for their drunken tirades. How does a $10,000 minimum fine for DUI (first offense) sound? If something like that were put in place, I'd support getting rid of the alcohol tax.

Question Two: Repeal Section 40(b) Affordable Housing Law? I voted NO to Question Two.

Why: I don't really know as much as I should on this one, but from what I heard the reason for repeal is the potential for abuse. If that's true, I think this law needs a retool, NOT a repeal.

Question Three: Reduce State Sales Tax From 6.25% to 3%? I voted NO to Question Three.

Why: Seriously? While still in the middle of a financial crisis? This has "BAD IDEA" written all over it. And if it did pass, you know where the politicos on Beacon Hill are going with the cuts: Straight to teachers, firefighters, police, and local aid. They won't even think about cutting into the pork and barrel BS stuff that they should, because the former will convince voters to change it back or suffer.

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Quick, hide the car keys, clear the roadways!

Sep. 19th, 2010 | 09:16 am
I am currently at: At the RMV, waiting in line with YJE
Now Playing: Naju Overture by Russell Cox (The Guardian Legend OC Remix)

... Yesterday's Journal Entries turns 16 years old today! It has a driver's license and it's ready to tear up the streets! No one is safe from the crazy egomaniac of a newly minted teenage driver on the roads!

Ahahah, just kidding. I needed something interesting to blow the dust off this journal, which hasn't been updated since god-knows-when. The main headline: There just hasn't been much to talk about this year really, it's been pretty boring overall with not much to say for it. Overall, it's been mostly a lot of work-eat-sleep-repeat.

So, plans for today? I got the day off, I'm going to head down to the theater to go see Alpha & Omega at noon. Might see a second one if I can sneak into it proper. After that, I'm planning to head down to a fur's place for the evening. I expect to be out most of the day doing stuff that isn't work-related for a change.

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Nine Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-Two Days ago...

Mar. 25th, 2010 | 12:08 am
I am currently at: On top of a 27-story tall cake

I was born, and the world as we know it ceased to exist... Or something like that.

That is all.

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Political revelations and whatever.

Jan. 19th, 2010 | 02:36 pm
I am currently at: Taxachusetts
I feel: discontentdiscontent
Now Playing: Separation by Cyber-Rainforce

So today, as I'm sure most of you have probably heard, is a big election in this state where I've spent more years than all other places, combined and doubled. The election is for State Senator, to replace the seat left behind by Ted Kennedy when he died.

Today, I voted for Republican Scott Brown. Why is this, do you ask?

First of all, while I agree that health care seriously needs an overhaul, forcefully shoving it down the throats of every American that lives in this nation is not what I'd like to see happen. And I never supported mandatory health care in this state anyways, I would be happy to be rid of it.

Better idea: How about this, health care companies can deny coverage to their sick patients if they want, but we're taking away your (the healthcare companies') protection should they die of a treatable disease or illness, even if the disease or illness can only be treated by a new prototype method or drug. Basically, if you refuse to cover them and they die from it (or a complication resulting from the disease), the victim's family has every right to sue the pants off of the company that denied their loved one coverage. And NO, "bankruptcy" or "Changing your name for legal purposes" is NOT an option.

Bottom line: Fix the REAL problem with HMO's and crap like that.Forcing everyone to buy health care is only going to hurt the poor and middle class who already can't afford it as it is.

Second of all: Martha Coakley -- Tough on crime. We don't really need someone who's going to be harder on criminals in Washington right now. Maybe that will be the case 4 years from now, but who knows? Plus Martha ducking the REAL issues? Doesn't sound like a real Senator to me.

Third of all: Ugh, those attack ads. Dare I even need to get started there? I would immediately mute ANY attack ad -- they make you look weaker than you really are. If you have to resort to running attack ads, just stop campaigning right then and there. I don't want to listen to all that crap spewed out by you and your supporters.

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The 2009 Year In Review Entry

Dec. 31st, 2009 | 05:17 pm
I am currently at: Old Laptop City, USA
I feel: nostalgicnostalgic

As the curtain falls on 2009, it's time to take a look back at how this year went for the three tailed fox.

2009 opened on a better note, as planning from late 2008 combined with the fortunate closing of a major retailer allowed me to finally join the current generation of home gaming, getting an XBox 360 along with a GPS for work.

As 2009 progressed, not a whole lot else really changed in my life overall. Work came and went, and life more or less went on as usual over the spring and the summer with not much to specifically note, and it shows in the number of entries made this year was down significantly compared to the previous two yars.

Things started to get interesting in the middle of summer -- it was revealed that my mom will be getting married for the third time in October of next year. After that not much of note until October. The financial situatoin for my stepmother was greatly improved, and I benefited in the form of getting my car loan paid off.

The most drama of the year was on Halloween early A.M. when someone got stabbed outside of the place I live. It was an isolated incident, and not reflective of the street I live on. The most interesting thing I did this year was going to the Anime Con in November. Albeit a close-by one about 15 minutes north of here, it was a good time to be had.

Drama once again reared its ugly head in the closing act of this year, dropping bad news on me in the form of a computer crash, work issues, and a flat tire on my personal car -- not to mention I may now need work done on the brakes/rotor of said tire that was flat. But in light of all that, I'll look to have a new computer to replace the beat-up old one in the first week of 2010.

In the romance category, there were a few things to note. Tried to get together with a girl in March; that went nowhere (protip: If you ever come across a busy teacher, don't even bother trying to date her because they will never have time for you). Then the lady from NH that I met over Yahoo personals, which was basically a meet-once-and-done deal. The closing month of this year has seen me try to get together with a college girl from NH whom goes to college in Waltham. So far nothing's happened yet due to scheduling conflicts and the holidays, but lets hope the first few weeks of 2010 can change that for the better.

Overall, 2009 wasn't too particularly bad to me, but will be mostly remembered for being fairly unremarkable in my life. Nothing big or life-changing. Though sometimes that can be a good thing. Lets hope though 2010 can bring something better. Right now it at least seems a little more interesting than previous years.

Total Number of YJE Entries made this year: 15 (Including this one)

Work Life: Below Average
Financial Status: Average
Social Life: Below Average
Romantic Life: Barely Alive
Stress Factor: Average
Internet Life: Average

Overall Rating for 2009: Slightly Below Average

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Computer crash, and other developing news

Dec. 28th, 2009 | 06:25 am
I am currently at: Old Laptop City, USA
I feel: hopefulhopeful

First thing's first: My parents have a new computer. Got a nice new HP Desktop with Windows 7. It looks nice.

Now to the main story: So Saturday evening I was chugging along fine doing my thing when I needed to log off my user account and back on again to fix a minor issue. It wouldn't do anything, so after ten minutes or so, I turned the computer off. And, long story short, it wouldn't boot back up. A problem with the kernel in XP somewhere.

Running Windows XP SP1, there isn't really any support left for the old thing. I went to numerous local computer repair shops this morning and asked around. The best I figured to get was a standard data recovery operation, about 70 bucks for 40GB worth of stuff from the old hard drive.

So were does that leave me? Well for now, I'm using an old laptop my dad bought from years ago. It works, but is slow as molasses. It'll do what I need it to do until a permanent solution is found.

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Coming soon to a three-tailed fox near you...

Dec. 28th, 2009 | 04:57 am
I am currently at: Old Laptop City, USA
I feel: thrilled

So in the aftermath of all that computer related crap, the final decision was made. A long term solution to the problem of an old computer on its last legs. After making a deposit from money set aside, a quick look at bank finances and upcoming bills, a strategy was formed and a long term solution to the problem has been planned.

Click here to view the solutionCollapse )

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Agree with the moment, not necessarily the religion behind it.

Dec. 16th, 2009 | 01:02 pm
I am currently at: Upside-down and inside-out
Now Playing: Seperation by Cyber-Rainforce


It's about time someone paid attention to the sad state of Christmas in America. For that this article earns my applause and thanks. And while I don't support Christianity (or any religion for that matter), it's good at least someone's standing up for the way things are going right now.

If you wonder why I agree with this, go read this anti-Christmas rant I posted to my journal back in late 2007 (Warning: Christmas-bashing, uncensored swear words. Hide the kids) and you'll know why this time of the year is now my least favorite time.

That is all.

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Just another.... Anime convention? STOP THE PRESSES!

Nov. 22nd, 2009 | 01:25 am
I am currently at: Homebase

So life overall has been pretty boring of late, I was looking for something to spice up the old life...

So a week and a half, I was bumbling around the IRC and found someone talking about going to an anime convention. The good news? This convention was literally right up the highway from here in sunny Nashua, NH, right over the border! So flash forward a week and a half to today, a planned day off for some much needed R&R, and I journeyed on up to the convention for the day. to be honest, I wasn't sure quite what to expect at first, but

Overall, I'd have to say the experience was pretty good. Sure, I didn't know half the cosplayers that were there, but I had a fun time nonetheless. Walked around a bit, did some stuff here and there and messed around in the video game room for a while. Among other things, I made a plushie-thingy which probably borders on the lines of FAIL, but I tried at least.

I bought some stuff to take home with me, some button pins, a chibi sketch which I'll probably get sometime this week and post online when I get it, as well as buying a cute plushie that was hard to pass up xP hehe. Overall, I made the day fit into a reasonably small budget of $80, including money spent on food. I also entered a Halo 3 tournament they had going, but I lost in the first round of the 2 vs. 2 competition. Oh well, at least I put up a decent fight.

If they have it again nearby next year, I'll definately consider going again if I have a few bucks to spare.

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Only on Halloween...

Oct. 31st, 2009 | 02:58 am
I am currently at: Front page of tomorrow's newspaper?
I feel: surprisedsurprised
Now Playing: Make up your own song and stick it here

...Do I get home at 2:10 AM, and 20 minutes later an argument breaks out...

Resulting in some guy getting stabbed right in front of my apartment.

Definately the most drama my street has seen since Easter of last year when that out-of-control party going on directly behind my apartment.

Note to self: Buy local paper tomorrow.

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Well, my luck has been up of late.

Oct. 6th, 2009 | 02:23 am
I am currently at: Planet Earth
I feel: insomnia
Now Playing: Dropkick Murphys - Tessie

*Blows dust off of an unupdated journal*

Yeah, I can't seem to sleep again, but this time, it might be from the goofy grin on my face.

Why is that, you may ask?

First off, this news is from the past week, but my stepmother has been approved for Social Security disability. This is a retroactive ruling to the date she originally put in to apply for the disability, so she will be receiving a significant sum of money from back payments. I should hope that this will help with some immediate things to take a little pressure off of my back, or at least set things up so that I can start working towards my next financial goal once Christmas passes.

Second, FuffyFox came up to visit today. We had a great time playing some Halo 3 for a while, and it was good to see him again. Hopefully I'll see him again soon, but we'll have to see. Retail is about to go into "Christmas Apocalypse Mode", meaning he'll probably be working pretty much every day between now and Jan. 1st.

That is all for now.

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Stop the presses! Breaking News incoming!

Jul. 27th, 2009 | 10:57 pm
I am currently at: in a hot, muggy apartment with the ac cranked
I feel: enthralledenthralled
Now Playing: ESPN Sportscenter

Hot off the Breaking News Desk, we interrupt your regularly-scheduled boredom for the following announcement...

My mother who lives in Texas is going to be getting married again!

I got the news as I was driving home about half an hour or so ago, and I must admit I was a bit surprised myself. This will be her third marriage, the first being my dad, and the second... Well that's best forgotten about.

So pray tell what does this have to do with me? I've already told her I would like to come down and see her again when she gets married. Which means I would at some point be travelling back down to South Texas, a place I haven't been since 2001 when I finished high school (That's another story for another time).

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Content Goes Here

Jun. 22nd, 2009 | 07:38 pm
I am currently at: Nor'Easter
I feel: boredbored
Now Playing: Overture 1912 by Dream Theater

So yeah, I finally have another update to post.

To be honest though, not much of anything has happened in my life of late. The weather has sucked pretty much all month for the most part. Cold and/or rainy and/or dreary. Finally a break coming Thursday... I hope.

Business has been slower of late. Had a couple of good weeks back around the 1st, but hasn't been that great since, so I've just been hanging in there pretty much. Gotta pay the main bills this week, but I'm also going to sneak in the new Dream Theater album coming out tomorrow (coming out of the cash I have set aside from tips)

Fathers day was okay for me. Got my dad a card and made him some brownies. Would have done more, but I already contributed to dad's "save the mortgage from falling three months behind" fund this month as well, so that will have to suffice. Also on that note my dad is finally working again, for Pep Boys in management. Been out of work since October of last year or so.

In my own corner of the world, I have a few things planned for the week. First, Fuffyfox has invited me to lunch down at Quincy Market on Thursday, then I suspect we will head up my way for some Halo 3 and whatnot for the evening. Ought to be fun, I think I've improved on my game somewhat since the last time we met.

After that, a female friend coworker has invited me to her (college-aged) daughter's graduation party on Saturday out in Groton. I plan on making a whole bunch of chocolate brownies for the occasion as my way of saying congrats. Topped with more chocolate, with the intention of being murr-a-liscious. (like what I did with my dad, those brownies were really tasty!)

That's all for now. hopefully another update to come soon enough.

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Rant-o-updatey! *Blows dust off*

May. 6th, 2009 | 06:01 pm
I am currently at: Greater Lowellynlland
I feel: irateirate
Now Playing: Linkin Park - Bleed It Out

So yeah, I've noticed this hasn't been touched since my birthday.

To be honest not a lot has really happened in the past month and change, aside from the fact that FuffyFox visited me and I showed him the Halo 3 Campaign. Which was a pretty good time, hopefully we'll be able to do that again pretty soon. Though, I really need more friends, ones that live a lot closer to me than Weymouth (no offense, Fuffy!).

In other news, work has been slugging along at its crappy slow-ish pace -- the economy hasn't shown us much life yet. When the fucking greedy corporations finally do away with their non-essential travel crap, we should start seeing more business. Except for a certain local medical company which did some pretty good business with us a two weeks back. There was some issues with pay from my last check as well; apparently it was an office error, not anything I did.

Then I finally had to give in and go buy a new suit, which I actually did just today. Was not real thrilled about spending money I don't really have, but at least I was able to use the corportate AMEX, so I don't have to worry about the whole bill up front. I've obviously already talked with my boss who okayed the use of the Amex (The card is technically under my name, but it has the company's name on it too, so anything I put on there my boss will see), and I've worked out something to help pay back the cost of the suits. Though $240 for two suits and and a new shirt was a pretty good deal from K&G.

On other fronts, my dad is just kind of barely hanging in there. Been unemployed since October I think... He's been making some of the ends meet through Craigslist -- finding free stuff, fixing it up and selling it off for money, specifically boats. He's... Not doing nearly as well financially as he would like. Lost out on a potential job offer... But when the odds are stacked against you 5 to 1 (or in this case 15 to 3), there were just three guys who fit their needs better.

On the romance front: Well, I've had a potential lead since... Early March. A female teacher I came across by random chance on a free dating site known as OKCupid. At first we fired several letters back and forth, but I finally got her number a while back, and we've kept in touch. Go figure though I find the one person whose social calendar is packed to the brim between work and friends and other stuff, and no time to go meet a nice guy like me... Egh, I'm confident that we can get together in the next month, even if I have to wait for the school year to be over.

Miles: "I've waited this long for a girlfriend, why should a potential lead be any different?"

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Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety Seven

Mar. 25th, 2009 | 11:55 am
I am currently at: Laying on the couch
I feel: sicksick
Now Playing: 7 News at Noon

Yeah, so I calculated how many days old I am today. The result should also factor in 7 leap years and a number divisible my 365.

Also, I've been fighting the flu since Monday. Coughing up some icky stuff, sneezing, fever, headaches, and difficulty controlling body temperature.

I can only hope that I get over this by next weekend, I don't want to have to push back meeting up with fuffyfox on April 2 if I can help it.

On the flipside, it'll give me a chance to clean things up... After I get better of course.

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Mega Ignis Vulpes Sapiens

Mar. 6th, 2009 | 10:23 am

Mega Ignis Vulpes Sapiens

This is a compilation of poems that I've written in the past year or so and never published, mostly due or misplacing of the poems in question and recently finding them after a search through my personal archives and whatnot.

The original titles were, respectively, IVS 17, 17 1/2, and 18.

This poem is somewhat long, so you can give it a look under the cut.Collapse )

(C) 2009 Miles E. Traysandor. All rights reserved.

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You Got The XBox 360 Elite! *Grins*

Jan. 30th, 2009 | 10:39 am
I am currently at: Crossing the border into next-gen gaming territory
I feel: contentcontent

So yeah, last night I stopped in at the Nashua, NH Circuit City, in The Land of No Sales Tax.

Finally they went to 20% off on the games, which is what I was looking at considering my situation...

And I sprang and got me a shiny, brand new XBox360 Elite, only $320 for a $400 system *Grins and tailswishes*. Oh, and I got Battlefield: Bad Company as well; I was looking for Halo 3 or Left 4 Dead but they didn't have any at that location.

I spent most of last night browsing through the manuals and such, and getting the 360 up to date with everything. I've also tested the 360 with my current router, and I was able to get in and connect just fine.

So for anyone who might know me out there with a 360, you can send a friend request to gamertag Traysandor, and perhaps I'll see you online there sometime. The only downside is my router only has one Ethernet port, so I have to get offline on my computer to use it.

"Welcome to the current generation of console gaming, Miles E. Traysandor. We've been expecting you now for quite some time."

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Update to the previous entry.

Jan. 27th, 2009 | 07:51 pm
I am currently at: About to get snowed in (again)

Yeah, I'm still waiting for that price drop. I've been frequently checking Circuit City at least once every other day or so.

Games are still 10% off, and it shows, there's still a big selection of games available there. No Wiis though, they're all gone but I don't care much anyway. Gogo XBox 360 get $40 cheaper so I can go get one already. I was eyeing some of the used games over at Gamestop, and there's some good games I can get pretty cheap.

Updates to be posted on this as it comes.

Also we stop the presses to bring you this unbeatable hand I just got dealt in Omaha. This is the third time now I've gotten this hand while playing PokerStars.

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Miles E. Traysandor is looking to join the current gaming generation?! QUICK, STOP THE PRESSES!

Jan. 18th, 2009 | 02:11 pm
I am currently at: Buried in Snow
Now Playing: Fortune by Cyber-Rainforce (BWRP Extra Boss theme)

Yeah, the title is somewhat sarcastic to an extent. First of all, I'd like to post that Christmas 2008 was better to this three-tailed fox than recent past Christmases have been. My head is still above water, having just crunched the numbers for this months bills, and already having enough to cover everything there is with still money in the bank. And my saved up cash is still un-touched, as well as some money that I loaned my dad to collect if I really need it.

So, as of Sunday, January 18th, 2009, 2:16 PM Eastern Time, I officially declare Christmas 2008 FINANCIALLY SURVIVED.

(Insert semi-sarcastic applause here)

So, having recently learned about Circuit City's shortcomings, and having a few extra dollars thatI still have laying around, one three-tailed fox might just budge from a semi-tight budget and consider springing for a current-generation system if the price was right. And to be perfectly honest, as much as I really don't care for Microsoft-based products, I would like to spring for an XBox 360. I'm starting to get too old for most of the Nintendo stuff (And besides, if I need an avenue for that, I already have the DS). And the Playstation 3, while it's nice, is also the most expensive and the game selection is rather limited. That and I see quite often through magazines and feedback from other people I know through the internet that the 360 had the best and most mature-themed games of the three systems.

So I was browsing through the Circuit City up by the mall in snowy tax-free Nashua, NH, and to this point, everything in the store for the most part was 10-20% off (Games were in the 10% category). I think I'm gonna wait for the discounts to get a little deeper before I make a move. Optimally at least 25-30%; more would be better. I would be looking into either the Pro or the Elite version, especially if I can get the Pro for close to or under $200, or perhaps the Elite for under $300.

So my question to any one of my friends or people I know out there who's had an XBox 360 for a while: Any real difference between the two higher end models, any advice, experiences, insight, whatever? Also, in case you're curious about me getting XBox online with it, currently I run Verizon DSL. Can't remember what the speed is, but it's not cable or FIOS, so probably 1.5 MBPS tops. Not sure if that would be enough to be considered reasonably decent for me to be running around blasting people with, or if I should just stick to mostly personal gaming and maybe some downloadable content.

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The Oligatory 2008 Year in Review Entry

Dec. 31st, 2008 | 11:06 am
I am currently at: Buried in Snow
Now Playing: Kanjika - The Secluded Stronghold (S3K Hidden Palace Remix)

Another year, another dollar, as they say I suppose. 2008 didn't start out too particularly well, ending a longtime run at a forum I used to frequent, but I'm over and past that one now. It was also not a great year overall for the limo business. Last year at this time we were roughly 12,000 reservations. This year we did about 9800; that's roughly an 18.5% drop from last year. That's actually not too bad considering that many other places did much worse. Though income wise I probably dropped more than that, as we've taken a slight pay cut (mostly on van and stretch jobs)... so I was probably down about 25% overall. But, I still have my job, so I'll take that considering the way things have been in the world.

2008 was also another no-show in the romance department, although anybody who really knows me probably shouldn't be too particularly surprised by that one. It also brought about many worldwide changes; most of which didn't affect me too much. I wasn't bothered too badly by the economic meltdown/credit crisis, the fighting and the wars... but one change I'm glad to be a part of is the change in the Oval Office; I voted to put Barack Obama into the White House, and I'm glad to know he got voted in.

Overall, 2008 wasn't quite as good as 2007 was, but I've managed to survive through another year in decent enough shape to keep me going through at least the first month of the next year.

Final Results:

Total Number of YJE Entries made this year: 22 (Including this one)

Work Life: Below Average
Financial Status: Slightly Below Average
Social Life: Below Average
Romantic Life: Nonexistent
Stress Factor: Average
Internet Life: Average

Overall Rating for 2008: Below Average

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